Cities: Skylines – Neuer Patch, DLC und Inhalte verfügbar2 Minute*n Lesezeit

Cities: Skylines – Neuer Patch, DLC und Inhalte verfügbar2 Minute*n Lesezeit

24. September 2019 0 Von SniperSnake90

Auf der Xbox One ist Cities: Skyline eine Wahre City-Simulation, nun kommt auch der Stress von der Uni dazu. Denn ab heute gibt es die Campus-Erweiterung zum Download.

Euch stehen daher nun neue Gebäude zur Verfügung, auch neue Radio-Stationen sind dazu gekommen und bringen euch weitere Abwechslung. Mit den neuen Inhalten wurde auch ein entsprechendes Update (2,83 GB) veröffentlicht. Wollt Ihr weitere Patch-Notes haben? Dann schaut unten in die Notes was es sonst noch neues gibt.

Base Game Patch

  • Re-balance of Education mechanic:
    • Citizens need to go through each education level at the right age Elementary schools provide education for uneducated children. Graduates obtain Educated level. High Schools provide education for educated teenagers. Graduates obtain Well Educated level. Universities provide education for well educated young adults. Graduates obtain Highly Educated level.
  • Added support for Campus, Content Creator Pack University City and Radio Station
  • Pack 3 DLC
  • Added Public Library and Academic Library Unique Building
  • Bus line customization with new Yellow School bus model
  • Job titles for citizens
  • Industry 4.0 city wide policy
  • Added Wonder Effect Toggle for Hadron Collider. Players can toggle University
  • education out from the Hadron Collider.

Natural Disasters Expansion:

  • Added setting to disable fire spreading in gameplay options

Console changes:

  • Fixed tooltips sometimes shrinking excessively
  • Fixed crashes when relocating new Industries buildings
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Performance and memory improvements

Other changes:

  • Fixed tooltips shrinking their width so that tips end up tall and narrow.
  • Paradox Account button on the Main Menu shows a green tick when the user is signed-in.
  • Added News Feed

Campus DLC

  • Campus Area Tool
  • Campus Area levels
  • 3 Campus Area types and new buildings for each
  • Trade School Liberal Arts College
  • University Varsity Sport mechanic
  • 5 Varsity Sport Arenas
    • Aquatics Center
    • Basketball Arena
    • Track and Field Stadium
    • Baseball Park
    • American Football Stadium
  • 9 Unique faculties
  • 7 Varsity sport Mascots
  • New campus citizen models
  • Exchange students
  • School events: Graduation Ceremony, Toga Party
  • 5 New maps:
    • Murky Coast
    • Wolf Creek
    • Northwood Hills
    • Marin Bay
    • Roslyn Peninsula
  • More Chirps
  • 2 New City-wide policies
  • 4 New Campus policies
  • 3 Varsity Sports policies
  • 3 New Chirper hats
  • 7 New Steam achievements

Radio Station Pack 3 DLC
Campus Radio contains the following 16 music tracks:
Deep Focus Radio contains the following 16 music tracks:

XP – Known issues report for the release

  • Elements of Short Radio Mast stay visible while the rest of it disappears after zooming out the camera. Moving the camera away from Short Radio Mast causes most of it to disappear due to reducing the level of displayed details at long distances, but some of its elements are still visible, causing them to look like they are hovering in the air. This issue does not occur with Tall Radio Masts.
    • [Will be investigated for the next update].